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Bio-Case Pro V w/ intrinsic factor 12

Picture of Bio-Case Pro V w/ intrinsic factor 12
An extra potent pancreative enzyme concentrate, made from whole porcine pancreas, with Intrinsic Factor, Vitamin B-12, and Probiotics to aid in the digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

From $42.95 (USD)

D/Earth Plus - Nature's Armor

Picture of D/Earth Plus - Nature's Armor
A natural pest barrier made of diatomaceous earth, sulfur, and orange peel powder to help shield pet's from biting and bloodsucking pests and parasites. Very Effective.

$12.95 (USD)

D/Earth Plus- Nature's Shield

Picture of D/Earth Plus- Nature's Shield
An oral supplement of diatomaceous earth and other natural ingredients used to shield pets from biting and blood-sucking pests.

From $12.95 (USD)

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